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Message from the President

Protect the smiles all over the world

Smile Guardian Co., Ltd. was named after the founder’s wish to become a person who protect the smiles.

My desire to “protect the smiles of guests and staffs at amusement parks and theme parks” is the starting point of this company. 

“Amusement parks and theme parks with no accidents” held as the theme of our company, we have consulted and trained more than 10 amusement parks and theme parks in Japan and overseas. 

Specialized in amusement park and theme park business, we provide service unique to each of our customers such as safety measures, guest service coaching, formulation of visions and action agenda, guest attraction analysis, plan proposals and so on.

Moreover, we provide organization consulting/lectures to customers in various industries, mainly focusing on what we learned from theme parks. Giving back the knowledge of amusement parks and theme parks to the society is also one of our activities. 

“Make workplaces a fun place to work at like theme parks and protect the smiles of their staffs and families”
Protect the smiles all over the world, with this mission always in my mind, I have given   theme park-like heartwarming trainings/lectures to many companies at which I was able to share my skills, experience and knowledge.


Business Mission

Smile Guardian’s Vision

Our values

Protect the smiles all over the world.

Our mission is not to “create smiles”.
Smiles are not something told to make, but an emotion welling up from one’s inside. A smile unique to each person.
We are here to protect those smiles.

“Amusement parks and theme parks with no accidents”
“A society which people can keep their jobs they believe it’s their vocation”

Playing is believing. Learn from play like children.
Do not interpret, look at the facts.
The more important, the more it cannot be converted into numerical values.

Purpose of Establishment - the reason I started this business

1.The event that triggered my wish to “protect the smiles”

I worked for Oriental Land Co., Ltd. and USJ Co., Ltd., the two biggest theme parks in Japan for total of 10 years. At those two wonderful theme parks, I devoted myself in;
-improving safety such as attraction maintenance/design and operation optimization
-improving profit by optimizing project management utilizing data analysis

While I was working on attraction designing, there was a fatal accident on a rollercoaster at an amusement park called EXPOLAND.
As an engineer, I was terribly depressed by the accident and even was frightened for a while to continue my work.
Amusement parks and theme parks are essentially a place full with smiling guests and staffs and a place that cheers everyone up. However, such place turns into a nightmare with one single accident.
Amusement parks and theme parks must be perfectly safe. I want to protect the smile of the guests and staffs by securing safety.
From this accident, I noticed for the first time that my job is a job that protects the smiles of everyone.

2.Missions from field study

Later, I had the chance to run a field study at amusements parks and theme parks in Japan as a member of Building Standard Legislation Promotion Project expert team of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
Through the field study, I realized there are safety and security issues especially at local amusement parks.
-Deteriorated facility/equipment
-Operation that may result in an accident

At the same time, the scene printed on my memory was the smiles of families enjoying the moment.


We definitely need to improve the safety and security level to protect these smiles.
The accident like what we had at EXPOLAND cannot happen again.
I confirmed my determination.

3.Theme park consultant who protect the smiles

I started studying the safety standards of the world and implemented safety measures at theme parks before starting my own business. 
I am also a qualified Registered Management Consultant. Experienced in operation/profit improvement using data analysis and have broad knowledge of theme park management. 

Started my own business in 2016, incorporated in 2018 to widely spread the activity of “protect the smiles” making full use of my experience and knowledge.


Until now, I have met many wonderful people willing to help and support, and I am here today as “Asia’s #1 Theme park Consultant”. Smiles connect each other. I cannot but thank all these connections with the people I’ve met through my activity of “protecting smiles”.


In order for amusement parks and theme parks to maintain its safety and keep being a loving place, so that the workplaces will become a fun place like theme parks and will be a place full with smiles, I will devote myself to pursuit my mission. 

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